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What Is Real Estate Technology

Nov 15

Real estate agents spend a great deal of time on technological issues and trends, and  access the Zapier IDX plugin integration here. However, technology changes so quickly that the market must adapt as well in order to stay current. What are the most recent developments in real estate technology agents should be aware of?

Here's a list of five major real estate technology trends that are affecting today's real-estate agents

Geolocation: Geolocation is rapidly becoming an important tool to promote real estate technology marketing. Geolocation provides an online map showing the location of a real agent's real property using GPS technology and internet connectivity. Potential buyers can view a real property listing and see its location. This can increase the likelihood that they will choose to buy a house or purchase another property once they find what it is they are looking for.

Smart Pricing. As we mentioned above, realty technology trends have increased the number and availability of tools as well as the power and capabilities of these tools. This one falls under the category of smart pricing. For example, when a real estate agent finds a buyer who is willing to pay a specific amount for a home or property, they might consider adjusting their fee to reflect the new price point. Real estate brokers and owners who want to maximize the use of real estate technology are now using this "smart pricing" method.

Realtor Managed listings: Realtors are using realty tech to make listing properties much easier. A real agent's real property management software allows them the ability to update listings instantly, which can prove especially helpful during a seller’s slump. They are also able to find and add clients quickly which, in turn, frees up real estate agents to deal with other issues. Realtors are embracing real estate technology in many ways. For example, clients can see their listings and track their progress. Real estate marketing strategies can help them sell more homes and increase revenue. Listings can also be connected to social media.

Geolocation is a new type of realty technology that has made a huge impact. Geolocation involves mapping coordinates using a satellite or navigational device. This allows users find a home or property without using any other physical tools. The real estate industry has experienced tremendous growth in the last five years. More people are turning to the Internet for all their real estate needs.

Big Data: With companies such as Netflix, Starbucks and Yahoo!, real-estate technology has reached a new level. The internet is now a great place to shop. Developers have created apps that enable users to shop online from their own homes. They can easily find the best deals without ever leaving their homes. A lot of big data has allowed real estate agents access homebuyer databases that might not be available otherwise. Many real estate agents have seen an increase in activity in recent months.