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Home Theater, Media Room

Dec 2

Home Theater, Media Room

The popcorn smell and sound effects make the moviegoing experience even more exciting. It is becoming increasingly difficult to pay for tickets and concessions. 7PiXL can help you bring it home so going to the movies does not have to be an expensive trip.

Without sticky floors, your home theater Allen tx can provide amazing sound and picture quality. Each Media room can be customized to suit your needs and budget. is able to transform your living room into a theater or dedicated media room. You can also kick someone out if they are talking during the movie.

7PiXL offers other services such as one-touch remotes and whole-home audio.

Automation to the Home

Imagine a future where your home could be controlled remotely from your smartphone. It is possible to visualize it. 7PiXL will help you see the future.

Did you forget the lights were off? It is possible that your children forgot to switch off the lights. No worries. Remote Home Automation will ensure your smartphone or tablet doesn't use too much electricity and help you save money. This is not all. 7PiXL will program your system with music that you can play in your home. To activate party mode, we use both whole-home audio and a wall-mounted touch panel. The thermostat adjusts the temperature to ensure you are comfortable when you return to your driveway. 7PiXL offers other services, such as whole-home audio, wired, and home theatres.