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15 Kitchen Stools: Get Inspiration for All Styles

Jan 15

Kitchen stools and bar stools don't get the attention they deserve. Bar stools and kitchen stools are not given the attention they deserve.

These are some of the things to keep in mind as you shop for barstools. Barstools have a height of approximately 60-75cm. The space between your counter and the stool should be approximately 25-30cm.

How do you begin? Here are some suggestions to help you make a decision.

1. High back leather stools in white leather

These stools look great with this white modern kitchen. It's easy to move the metal legs.

2. Red high back, swivel stool with red swivels

Another example of a high-back, modern design with flair is this red stool. The swivel design makes it easy to turn and fidget.

3. Four-legged, backless stools

The best thing about a backless stool is that you can raise it and still have room under your counter Simple but elegant, these stools in black or natural wood are both simple and sophisticated.

4. Backless Stools in White and Gold

Another great example of a backless stool is the white chairs with four-legged retro-gold metal legs.

5. Wooden stool with backs

These simple, backless wooden stools are stylish and elegant. You can place these four-legged options under the counter.

6. High-backed classic stools

These stools look great in the kitchen thanks to their black metal legs. Wooden stools can be combined with contrasting metal stools to achieve a similar look.

7. Short metal stools

While they might seem boring, backless steel stools can be very stylish. Simple stool in busy kitchen.

8. High-back, colorful stools

This colorful high-back with swivels is the best choice for those who love a whimsical look.

9. High-backs in classic green

These classic, hunter-green highbacks are the perfect stool for your bar. Your impeccable taste will impress your friends.

10. Wooden stool with low backs

Would you like a bit more support? The low-back stool can be hidden away to reduce back strain.

11. Modern white low-backs

Low backs are a great choice if you require the support that backless stool don't provide.

12. High-back velvet and gold high-backs

Velvet, the rich and beautiful fabric that you shouldn't be afraid to use inside your kitchen.

13. Folding wooden stools

These wooden folding stool are unique and can be a great choice for large families or if you need to store them frequently.

14. High-tech Stools in black or gold.

These modern, black-and-gold stools offer extra support for your drink while you are sipping.

15. Classic wooden high-backs

This bar stool is a classic and timeless option. These stools can be found in almost every bar.

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