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Five Questions Roofers

Jan 25

There will come a point where you'll need to research roofers in Pennsylvania. You may have a minor damaged or leak in your roof. Perhaps, you have a major problem that requires immediate attention. Whatever the situation with your roof is it is important to consider asking a few specific questions to the roof contractor you're thinking of hiring.

Do you hold an Roofing License?

Although licensing requirements are different depending on where you live each roofing contractor in Pa is required to have a license to conduct business. They could be classified as a "fly by night" roofing contractor, but this is unlikely to suit your requirements.

Do You Have Insurance?

Every roofing contractor should carry insurance that covers any accidents that happen to them or damage that they cause during the process of your roofing pittsburgh. These types of insurance will be identified as workman's compensation. The documentation must specify which one is which.

What Kind of Warranty Do You Offer?

Every roofing contractor provides distinct warranties for each service they provide. The warranty covers new materials like tiles and shingles. However there is a Steadfast roofing contractor normally will provide a warranty for the work for a particular period of time. If a roofing contractor does not provide a warranty this is a red flag.

Do You Have Any Refutations?

When I say references I'm referring to people the roofing contractor has worked with previously in the past with roofing installation. Thus, don't let them give you the names of those they know. It is best to speak to past customers to see if they were satisfied with the job and if they would employ them again in the future.

How do you think you've been in the business?

I would recommend that you employ roofing contractors who have been in the business for some time. While I'm not arguing against those new to the business and are just starting out, those who have been in the industry for some time have a greater understanding about repairs to roofs.

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