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How do you keep your Caravan Safe from theft?

Oct 18

Caravan Security & Insurance Ramifications

Your Caravan is locked up in your garage & you’ve got insurance, so nothing to worry about right? Well, unfortunately it’s not so simple. Some insurance policies require security devices to be fitted to your RV, even if it’s secured inside a locked garage! Even if the RV is covered, the contents might not be. Many people are underinsured when it comes to the items stored in your RV. Lets face it, we all keep loads of gear packed in the van so we can hit the road when the opportunity arises!

Even if your RV and Contents are fully covered, what a hassle to have to go through the insurance process and basically start again, sourcing all the new bits and pieces you need with the van. And if stolen, you may as well forget about getting your van back. Even the insurance companies admit almost none are recovered. Most are believed to end up on remote bush blocks, used as a permanent shack / weekender.

Here’s a few tips to ensure you’re appropriately covered and a run through of the common security devices to ensure your prized possession doesn’t vanish without a trace!

Insurance tips:

  • Check the fine print in relation to having the RV secured;
  • Get a list together of your contents, including brand, make & model and approx. cost or value. Then ensure your policy has sufficient coverage for your contents
  • Make sure your tow vehicle is rated to tow the “ATM” & “Ball Weight” of the RV as labelled on the compliance plate. The ATM is the weight of the van plus an allowance for the contents.

Security Devices:

Hitch Locks and Wheel clamps are the most common and effective devices with some insurance policies requiring these both to be installed as a minimum. Here’s a quick overview together with a few other options.

Hitch Locks:

Hitch locks are a quick and easy way to secure your RV by covering the hitch with a lockable mechanism that stops people from being able to attach their towbar. These are usually small compact devices  that can vary in price from $15 for basic locks to over $150 for premium locks, some of which include electronic alarms.

Pros – Small, compact and easy to install.

Cons – Thefts have been reported with a hitch lock still attached by using the safety chain to tow the vehicle away. A hitch lock also doesn’t stop the RV from being moved around.

Wheel Clamps:

Wheel Clamps clamp onto an RV wheel to prevent it from moving. Some of the more premium models also include a cover to stop would be thieves unscrewing the wheel. Wheel clamps are an effective visual deterrent. The time & effort required to remove them will deter most thieves.

Pros – Stops the vehicle from being moved and are difficult to remove

Cons – Can have difficulty fitting various wheel sizes. Versions without the wheel nut cover increases the risk of a thief removing the full wheel and replacing with the spare.

Other security devices worth checking out include removable security bollards, GPS tracking devices, Alarm systems, security cameras & secure storage. We suggest using a combination of at least 2-3 devices to secure your RV.

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